System Settings: DST > PowerPoint 2007-2016

Using PowerPoint 2007-2016 presentation templates, you can determine how PowerPoint presentations are to be processed. You can select the templates while setting up a project.

On the General tab, you can determine how images and objects that are contained in PowerPoint presentations are to be processed during check-in and presented in crossDesk. You can select whether these elements are to be treated normally, locked, hidden, or ignored. If you select Ignored, the elements will not be taken into consideration when checking in the document; however, this also means that they cannot be viewed by the project manager or be made visible later on.

To determine the processing mode, click Add, add images and/or objects to the document settings template, and select the desired processing mode.

Enhanced Slide Support

Across supports the translation of master slides, hidden slides, and slide notes.

However, you can also determine in the document settings that these elements are to be ignored, locked, or hidden. To do so, add the respective element and select the mode to be applied.

Allow Additional Formatting in Target Text

If you activate this option, you can perform the following manual formatting of the target text in the Target Editor of crossDesk:

Format selected text in bold type
Format selected text in italics
Underline selected text
Highlight selected text in color. Click the right-hand side of the icon to select a highlighting color.
Format selected text as subscript
Format selected text as superscript