System Settings: DST > PDF

On the basis of PDF file templates, you can determine the processing for PDF files. You can select the templates while setting up a project.

The settings in the templates affect both the segmentation during check-in and the appearance of the checked-out file.

During check-in, the PDF file is converted to the DOCX format in order to enable editing and translation. During check-out, the DOCX format is retained.

The following conversion options are available:

Recognize text flow (formatting may be changed)
Here, the focus is on the text recognition; the segmentation takes place on the basis of the text. However, the appearance of the checked-out file may differ from that of PDF the source file.
Keep visual representation (some text may be lost)
Here, the focus is on the appearance; the segmentation takes place on the basis of visual aspects (e.g. text blocks). The appearance of the checked-out file is virtually the same as that of the PDF source file.
Specify relative horizontal proximity (default value 150%)
With this item, you can control the spacing between the individual characters. The spacing is calculated as a percentage on the basis of the font size in pt. This means that in the case of a font size of 12 pt in the PDF source document, a spacing of 12 pt will be applied between the characters in the target document if you set the value to 100 percent.
Usually, the character spacing is calculated automatically. This option will only affect the target document if the PDF source document contains fonts for which the character spacing cannot be calculated automatically.

Moreover, you can determine that

  • Bullets are recognized
  • the PDF source file is to be appended to the task(s)

Please note that the PDF is primarily arranged for similar layout and the associated user-friendly rendering and exchange. The comprehensive processing/conversion of files of this format was originally not planned. So far, it is technically not possible to fully extract and render the content of a PDF file during conversion in the same way as it is displayed in the file. Whenever possible, ask if it would be possible to get the source file underlying the PDF file.