System Settings: General > Machine Translation

In the Machine translation section, you can select and configure the machine translation (MT) systems.

To use an MT system in Across, enable the respective checkbox to accept the terms of use.

Then configure the desired MT system for the use in Across. For each MT system, you can create several configurations in order to accommodate diverse application scenarios.

Your MT configurations are displayed in a list. The pre-translation makes use of the first MT whose settings suit the project. If necessary, you can change the order with the help of the arrow buttons.

Activate the checkbox for the use of the MT system in Across projects. In this way, the MT system will be generally available in Across.

Under Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates, you can determine for each project settings template whether MT may be used locally or in the supply chain.

As a matter of principle, all parties in the supply chain can use MT if this is permitted by the respective Master Server. The Trusted Server and the offline users are subject to the settings of the Master Server.

The machine translation is performed within the scope of the pre-translation. Depending on the configuration, this can take place

  • directly after creating the project;
  • from within crossDesk
  • only for source sentences for which no translation is available in crossTank.