Adding new format

  1. To add a new format to a language, proceed as follows:
  2. Under Tools > System settings > Language settings > Language sets > Standard language set > Languages select the language for which you want to add the abbreviated form.
  3. Under Formats click Add.
  4. Select the format type and define the new format.
    • When defining a number format, you can configure the following settings:
    • Decimal Symbol: Symbol that separates the integral part of a number from its fractional part, e.g. German 12,34 or English 12.34
    • Grouping Symbol: Symbol that splits long numbers into groups for improved legibility, e.g. the thousands separator in German 123 456 or 123.456 or in English 123,456
    • Negative Format: Format (with or without space) of negative numbers, ‑123 (without space) or - 123 (with space).
    • Leading Zeroes: A zero preceding the decimal symbol, e.g. German ,123 (without a leading zero) or 0,123 (with a leading zero).
  5. Click OK to complete the definition of the format.
  6. Restart Across.
  7. The changes are effective.