System Settings: DST > IDML

On the basis of templates for Adobe InDesign IDML files, you can determine the processing and display for IDML files.

On the General tab you can define how IDML files are to be processed during check-in and subsequently displayed in crossDesk.

To do this, click Add.

First, select the type of element. You can select Layer or Context:


IDML files can consist of several layers. The first layer, for example, can contain the actual content and the second one can contain comments. In the case of multilingual InDesign files, every language may occupy a separate layer.

By selecting Layer, you can define how layers in the corresponding InDesign documents are to be processed, e.g. in order to hide a layer (see below).


Please note that the name of the layer in Across must precisely correspond to the name of the layer in the InDesign document.


Context enables the definition of how elements in InDesign documents that contain only a particular character string are to be processed. For example, paragraphs containing only an e-mail address or a number can be hidden. To define this character string, you can use regular expressions (e.g. ^[09]+$ for an element that contains only a number). You can also select one of the predefined templates for frequently used regular expressions. Then click Insert and adapt the regular expression to your requirements, if necessary.

Finally, select the way the corresponding section is to be processed and/or displayed in Across. You can specify whether each section is locked, hidden or ignored. If you select Ignored the corresponding section will not be considered when checking in the document, putting less pressure on system resources and for that reason cannot be viewed by the project manager or be made visible at a later date. If you select Hidden, the corresponding section will be hidden in crossDesk for the translator but visible for the project manager. If you select Locked, the corresponding section will be displayed in crossDesk, but it will be locked and cannot be edited by the translator.

The following icons are used to display the various ranges:


Use the icn_sortierung_runter and icn_sortierung_hoch icons to sort the defined sections.

The order of the elements to be translated in an IDML document is based on the text flow of the IDML document. The elements within a page or within a column are processed from left to right and from top to bottom.

Click Advanced to open the Advanced Settings dialog with the option Activate translation of cross-references.