The languages available in Across are managed in the Languages module.

In principle, Across is capable of supporting any language. In the course of configuring Across, a certain selection of languages is presented, which is, however, only for the sake of simplicity and not due to any licensing restrictions. This means that new languages can be added to the existing ones at any time.

The Languages module can be accessed via (Administration >) Languages in the module bar to the left of the screen.


The language in which languages in Across are displayed depends on the language of the operating system. If, for example, the operating system is in German and Across is installed in English, the languages in Across will be displayed in German.

Add/Delete Language

Click New to add a new language. Then select the desired language from the drop-down list and click OK.

Click Delete to delete a language. Languages marked with a icn_gesperrt icon are currently being used in Across and can therefore not be deleted.

Customize the Display Order of Languages

Click the Change Order button to open the Languages area of your user settings. There you can change the order in which the languages are displayed in your Across Client. In this way, you can have the most frequently used languages in Across are displayed first.

You can change the order of the languages by selecting a language from the list of languages and clicking the Move up or Move down button below the list. The selected language is then moved up or down by one position. Continue until the language has reached the desired position. Then you can continue sorting the rest of the languages until the desired sort order has been achieved.