All fonts used in the projects are listed and can be managed in the Fonts module. Click a font for a list of the corresponding Unicode ranges to be displayed in the top right half of the module.


Put simply, Unicode is a code that contains all the characters and alphabets that can be displayed on the computer. This ensures that Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, or Japanese alphabets, just to name a few, are always correctly displayed by Across.


Please note that fonts are subject to license rights. For every font, you need to procure (possible purchase) the applicable license. Especially the sharing of fonts is subject to special terms of use that may differ depending on the provider. You are responsible for procuring the required licenses for all users who need the font. Across Systems GmbH does not accept any liability for damage or claims resulting from unlicensed use.

If the terms of use are met, the font may be used especially for display in crossDesk.

In the case of Online Clients, the fonts are automatically available for display in crossDesk. For Offline Clients, the fonts are provided via the Font Download Wizard.

Fonts available by default in the respective operating system are automatically registered and available in the Across database.