Customizing reports

  • You can adapt the Across reports in the following ways:
  • You can create templates which can be used when creating reports.
  • You can further customize your reports by using 'XSLTs'.

User-Defined Reports

In the Report Wizard for the creation of Across reports, you can select templates containing user-defined information. You can create these templates via Tools > System Settings > General > Reporting.

  • In these templates you can define the following information:
  • Number of characters per standard line
  • Standard lines with or without spaces
  • Definition of the match ranges (e.g., 90-99%)
  • Showing/hiding columns (e.g. standard lines, paragraphs etc.)

Customizing Reports

Across reports are generated as XML and subsequently converted to HTML via an XSLT stylesheet. Across looks for external XSLTs that are stored in the Across subfolder Across\reports (usually C:\Program Files\Across). If a suitable XSLT is found, it will be used for creating the report.

The abbreviation XSLT stands for "eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation". XSLTs enable the conversion of XML documents (Across reports, in this case) to another XML structure or other output formats (the HTML format, in this case). The XSLTs define how the conversion is to be performed.

By configuring the XSLTs, you can customize the Across reports in various ways.

  • You can perform the following changes:
  • Removal of unwanted information and areas (e.g., General section of the reports)
  • ·Other report layouts, e.g. company-specific headers
  • Specification of percentages instead of absolute values
  • No display of lines or columns with zero values
  • Generation of invoices
  • etc.

Sample XSLTs

Across provides a number of sample XSLTs that demonstrate the various customizing options. You can select those via the drop-down list in the Master Data Report.


Further information on customizing Across reports is available in the Across SDK help.

For further information, please consult your contact at Across Systems GmbH.

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