Search and Replace at Project Level

Sometimes changes to the content need to be made during the translation or after a translation project has been finished. To quickly and easily implement these changes in the target documents of a project, you can search for and replace words at project level.

Serves as wildcard for any character string.
&, AND
Logical AND: All search words must occur in the text.
|, OR
Logical OR: At least one of the search words must occur in the text.
!, NOT
Logical NOT: the text must contain one of the search words but not the other one.
  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. In the Projects module, select a project and click Search and Replace in the context menu to open the search and replace dialog box.
  3. Enter the word to be searched for and the word to replace it and activate any desired search options.
  4. Click Search to start the search. The sentences in which the search word occurs will be listed. The retrieved search word is highlighted in blue. The document name is displayed in the parentheses behind the search hit.
  5. Enable the checkboxes of the search hits for which replacements are to be made. Choose Select All or Invert Selection to determine or edit your selection easily and efficiently.
  6. Click Replace and confirm with Yes in the following dialog to carry out the desired replacements.