External Editing of Documents

The External document editing task provides for editing of documents outside Across. For example, you can post-process translations (change the formatting, content, etc.) or translate texts in formats not natively supported by Across.

If you have been assigned a task that has to be edited externally, after you have confirmed and opened the task, a dialog box opens that will help you to edit the task.

The dialog window offers the following functions:

Save source document
Save the document to be edited to the hard disk.
Save externally edited document
Save the externally edited document to the hard disk (possible only after the externally updated document has been uploaded to the Across Server).
Save attachments
To save attachments or reference documents provided to you by the project manager for working on the task.
Upload externally edited document
To transfer the externally edited document to the Across Server.
Check out most recent target document edited in Across
To check out the respective document from Across. The document is converted back to its original format and can then be edited outside Across.

You can also set the progress of the task manually and if needed, use a checkbox to set the progress to finished.