To avoid having to translate sentences already translated in the past, Across offers a pre-translation feature. The source text is analyzed to find any sentences that are similar or identical to crossTank entries. If desired, the identical sentences are incorporated into the target text.

By default, the pre-translation is performed automatically when a document is checked in. You can also initiate the pre-translation manually via the context menu or via the Pre-translation button in the Project or Task module.

By activating the option Update pre-translation report, the source document is compared anew with crossTank. If paragraphs have already been translated after checking in the source texts, the values will be updated on the basis of the results of the new analysis.

Click Save pre-translation to insert the identical sentences – the 100% matches – into your translation.

Using the buttons in the dialog box, you can save, print, or copy to clipboard the results of the analysis.

Please note that in pre-translations, for quality management reasons, 100% matches in the target text are only saved if all of the sentences in the segment they come from are 100% matches.

Please also note that if there are several 100% matches for a sentence, one of these matches will be inserted only if the respective option is activated under Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Pre-translation.

Pre-translations will only be inserted in paragraphs in the editing state Untouched.


After performing a pre-translation and especially before publishing or forwarding the finished translation, we recommend reviewing the document and checking the correctness of the translations auto-inserted by the pre-translation.


Translations inserted via pre-translation receive the editing state Pre-translated. Within a translation task, it is always combined with the editing states Touched and Translated, namely as Touched (pre-translated) with the icn_cDesk_zustand_voruebersetzt_bearbeitet icon and Translated (pre-translated) with the icn_cDesk_zustand_voruebersetzt_uebersetzt icon. This allows, for example, the subsequent corrector to see that these paragraphs originate from a pre-translation.

Under Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Pre-translation Settings, you can determine whether pre-translated paragraphs should automatically be assigned the editing state of a task (e.g. Touched (pre-translated)) or the final paragraph state (e.g. Translated (pre-translated)).

If context matches are inserted in the target text during the pre-translation, the respective paragraphs will be set to touched (context match) (icn_cDesk_zustand_voruebersetzt_kontext-match_bearbeitet) or translated (context match) (icn_cDesk_zustand_voruebersetzt_kontext-match_uebersetzt).

Pre-translation with automatic storing

While you are setting up a project, you select a pre-translation in which 100% matches are automatically inserted in the target document. To do this, enable the option Store 100% matches/MT results directly to paragraphs under Tools > User Settings > General > Project Wizard Settings.

Pre-translation of Numbers

During the pre-translation, Across endeavors to adapt number formats automatically. This is regulated by the Auto-change option under Tools > System Settings > General > crossTank. The option is activated by default.


The option for the automatic adaptation of the date, time, and number formats should only be disabled after thorough clarification with the Across support.

To do this, Across proceeds as follows:

Auto-changes activated
The numbers in the source and target segments are identical.
German: 0,12
English: 0.12
The numbers in the source and target segments are different.
3 meters
118 inches
The number of numbers is different in the source and target segments.
1st level
The source segment contains an "incorrect" number format, i.e. a number format that does not correspond to the particular language settings.
German 0.12 instead of 0,12
No auto-change of numbers is activated in a crossTank enty.

Paragraphs in which automatic changes have been made during the pre-translation are set to the editing state pre-translated with auto-changes (icn_cDesk_zustand_voruebersetzt_mit-autoaenderungen).