Locking and Hiding Text

Sometimes, parts of a document should not be translated. If this is the case, Across offers the option of locking or hiding these parts for later processing (translation, etc.). You can lock or hide paragraphs while working on a document preparation task (icn_aufgabentyp_dokumentenvorbereitung). By default, the document preparation task is part of the Advanced and EN 15038 Standard workflows.

Methods for Locking and Hiding Text

There are four different methods for locking or hiding parts of the text:

Context Menu in crossView
Select Lock or Hide and select the area you want to lock or hide.
In crossView, locked paragraphs are represented with the icn_cDesk_cView_absatz-gesperrt icon and hidden paragraphs with the icn_cDesk_cView_absatz-verborgen icon. In the Source View, locked paragraphs have a gray background, and hidden paragraphs have the editing state hidden (icn_cDesk_zustand_unbearbeitet).
The shortcut keys Ctrl+L and Ctrl+H enable you to lock or hide the current paragraph.
Tools menu
Lock Paragraphs and Hide Paragraphs
These commands allow you to lock or hide all paragraphs, all objects, all images, or all text parts based on the styles employed in the document. (Alternatively, the WordTagger, an external tool for Across, can be used for Word documents.) Alternatively, you can create document settings templates in which you can lock and/or hide text.
In the source document (DOC-format) before check in
  • To lock a paragraph, insert <across_locked> before and </across_locked> after the paragraph (e.g., <across_locked>locked text</across_locked>).
  • To hide a paragraph, insert <across_hidden> before and </across_hidden> after the paragraph (e.g., <across_hidden>hidden text</across_hidden>).
  • You can also display a paragraph as placeable, i.e. as a gray field that cannot be changed and only copied into the target text. For this purpose, insert <across_placeable> before and </across_placeable> after the respective paragraph (e.g., <across_placeable>placeable</across_placeable>).
Tags can only be used to hide or lock entire paragraphs. Across does not support the use of tags within a paragraph (e.g., to lock individual sentences or words).
When you check out the completed translation, the tags are automatically removed from the target document, so that your translation corresponds to the source document in both content and form.

Alternatively you can create document settings templates with which you can lock or hide text in a targeted manner, even within paragraphs!