Document Formats and Programs

Generally, to process the supported document formats, Across does not require the corresponding programs to be installed. However, the programs need to be installed for the following functions and processes:

  • Installation of MS Office 2003 (32-bit version):
  • Checking in and out Office documents, RTF and TXT documents
  • Creating and displaying previews of Office documents and RTF ant TXT documents
  • Using the MS Office spell-checker

When using MS Office 2003, the installation of the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack is required.

Installing Additional Programs

In order to create previews of other document formats, corresponding programs must be installed (e.g. Adobe FrameMaker for displaying MIF documents).

Workflow Support

Workflow support in Across functions irrespective of the document format.

As project manager, you can check in documents of any format to Across, assign the translation to a translator and check out the translated documents after they have been completed.

As translator, you save the document after you have accepted the assigned task, translate it using the appropriate program, and transfer the document you are working on along with a progress indicator to the Across Server.