Checking out Documents

When all tasks of a project have been finished, the translated document can be checked out. This means that the document will be transformed back to its original format and stored outside Across. Subsequently, the checked-out document can be sent to the customer or be used for the intended purpose.


Before checking out a document and especially before publishing or forwarding the checked-out document, we recommend reviewing the document and checking the correctness.

You can check out the source or target document at any time. Paragraphs that have not yet been translated will be displayed in the language of the source document.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. In the module bar on the left, go to the Projects module by clicking Projects > Projects and select the project you would like to check out.
  3. Click Check-out under the top right project pane or click on the icn_check-out-wizard icon in the wizard toolbar to run the Check-Out Wizard.
  4. Once the wizard has started, click Next.
  5. Activate the corresponding checkbox to select the translations to be exported. If you wish to export all documents in all target languages, you can use the Activate all button. Click the icn_spaltenkopf_filter icons that appear when moving the mouse pointer over the column headers to select the desired documents by means of filters.

    In addition to the target documents, the corresponding source documents can also be checked out. To do this, click the icn_check-out-wizard_filter_sprachauswahl icon in the third column, select the source language in addition to the target languages and confirm with OK.

  6. Click Next.
  7. Select a storage location for the document.
  8. Under Folder structure, select whether subfolders should be created or not.
  9. If requested, define a File naming to be added as suffix to each document/folder.
  10. Click Check-out to start the export.
  11. Upon completion of the export process, click Finish.
  12. Depending on the selected saving method, the documents may be saved to a separate folder for each source document checked out or for each target language in which documents are checked out.

After the check-out, we recommend reviewing the document with regard to any needed layout adjustment. For example, it may be necessary to adjust the size of text fields.