Uninstalling the Across Translator Edition


Please note that after you uninstall Across and delete the data associated with Across, all data that have been stored in Across will be lost. If you need the data, we urgently recommend you to back up your data prior to deinstallation. Across Systems GmbH accepts no liability for loss of data.

Information on backing up data in Across is available here.

Proceed as follows to uninstall the Across Translator Edition:

  1. Start the uninstall wizard, e.g. via the installation file Across.Setup.exe or via Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > Across Translator Edition.
  2. Once the wizard has started, click Remove.


  3. If necessary, activate the option for reusing your activation data.


  4. The Across Translator Edition will be removed from your computer. This process may take several minutes.


  5. Upon completion of the uninstall process, click Close.


  6. The Across Translator Edition has been completely removed from your system.

Deleting data completely or in the eventuality of problems

If you experience problems re-installing Across or if you are sure that you no longer need the Across data, you can also delete the Across folder under C:\Program Files (if this folder exists).

If you were interrupted while uninstalling Across, you need to remove the entries associated with Across in the Registry Editor in HKeyLocalMachine/Software/Across as well as in the individual user branches HKeyUsers/xxx/Software/Across. (xxx stands for the Windows users.)


In order to find the entries more quickly, you can use the Registry Editor's search function to search for the search term Across.


Please note that using the Registry Editor incorrectly can have serious consequences for the installed application as well as for the entire operating system.