Data Synchronization/Migration of the Translator Edition

For the synchronization/migration of data between the two installations, you can use the import and export functions of crossTerm (terminology data) and crossTank (translation memory data). You can also use the backup tool of the Translator Edition to back up the data of the one installation and restore them to the other one. The advantage of this approach is that all Across data are transmitted: Apart from the terminology and TM, data such as the created projects, relations, etc. are also backed up and restored.

Proceed as follows to migrate the data between two installations:

  1. Back up the data on the first PC, see Backing up Data of the Translator Edition.
  2. Copy the backup file to the computer with the second Across installation.
  3. Restore the backup data, see Restoring Translator Edition Backups.
  4. Start the Translator Edition and make sure that the data migration has been successful.
  5. If you no longer want to use the program on the first computer, you can uninstall it from the respective computer.

Important Note on the Across Translator Premium Edition

Please note that you need to repeat the manual transmission of data between the two computers whenever the Across data (terminology, TM, projects, etc.) have changed on one of the computers.

Important Notes on Both Variants of the Across Translator Edition

Please note that both installations of the Across Translator Edition must be installed with the same Across account data and the same version level.

We recommend restoring only your personal Across data from your Translator Edition. Do not restore Offline Client data on your second computer with the TEBackupRestore Tool unless you have not uploaded your tasks to your customers.