Logging in to Offline Client


To log in a customer's Across Server, you need a softkey. Softkeys have the file extension *.cap and serve the easy connection of Across Clients to the Across Server and the authentication of users against the Across Server. You also need a password. In general, you receive both the softkey and the password from your Across system administrator or from your customer.

  1. Proceed as follows to start Across as Offline Client:
  2. Start Across from the Windows start menu (Windows 10) or by clicking the corresponding tile in the Windows start screen (Windows 8).

    The login dialog will open up.

  3. Under Access servers of my customers, click Add.
  4. Select the folder in which you saved your softkey, select the softkey, and click Open.

    The field already contains your user name.

  5. Enter your password if necessary and click Login.
  6. Across will start as Offline Client.