Message Administration

In addition to the regular messaging functions (sending and receiving messages with Across), you can view and administrate within Across all sent and read messages. You can access the message administration via the menu item Tools > Messaging > Message History.


Note that the message history lists sent and received Across messages; e-mails sent with Across are not listed.

You can:

Reading Messages
Select the requested message and click Read at the bottom of the dialog window.
By double-clicking on the corresponding message.
Deleting Messages
Select the message you want to delete and click Delete at the bottom of the dialog window.
Sorting Messages
To change the alphabetical or chronological order of the messages, click the table header of the desired criterion. Click the same table header again to reverse the order.
The current order of the messages is shown with an icon (icn_nachrichten-verwaltung_sortieren-hoch or icn_nachrichten-verwaltung_sortieren-runter) in the particular table header.
Filtering Messages
Use the icn_nachrichten-verwaltung_spaltenfilter icon in the table headers to set filters that determine which messages will be displayed. To do this, enable or disable the corresponding checkboxes and confirm by clicking OK.
Creating a Report
Click Build report for a tabular overview of the messages displayed in the Message History. You can either print this report, copy it to the clipboard, or save it as an HTML document. The report can be easily copied from the clipboard to another location, such as a Word document.