Internal Communication

Efficient team work includes the possibility of communicating within the team in a comfortable way. Using the menu item Tools > Messaging > Send Message, all users can send messages to each other at any time. The recipient is notified about the new message by means of a flashing message icon (icn_systemnachricht) in the status bar and a small popup in the bottom right corner.

You can choose the recipient by activating the appropriate checkbox on the right. Additional information such as the project name or the relation of the project can be inserted in the message as well. By activating the checkbox on the lower left, you can send a copy of the message as an e-mail at the same time.

Use the menu command Tools > Messaging > Mark All as Read to mark all messages as read in one go.

In addition to the messages written by users, Across automatically generates messages in certain situations to notify the recipient about a specific event, for example, the project manager is informed when a translator has completed a translation.