Confirming and Opening Tasks

While creating a new project in Across, the responsible project manager can define which work steps are to be processed within the scope of the project. For example, the project manager can determine that the source document should only be translated or that the translation should also be proofread. The project manager can also decide who is to perform the individual work steps. This is done by assigning tasks to the respective Across users. Thus, tasks in Across are similar to conventional work orders, e.g. a translation order.

Task overview

All tasks currently assigned to you in Across are listed in the My Tasks module including all basic details such as the project name, the type of task, the source and target languages, and the due date. When you click a task, additional information is displayed at the bottom of the screen, such as subject, number of words, and progress.

The My Tasks module can be accessed via crossBoard > My Tasks in the Across module bar on the left of the screen.

If the responsible project manager assigned you a new task, a new entry with this task will automatically appear in the My Tasks module of the crossBoard. By default, you will also be informed about the new task by means of an Across message. The message will be displayed in the form of a small pop-up in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also open the message by double-clicking the flashing message icon (icn_systemnachricht) in the status bar.

Confirming Tasks

To open and process a task, it must first be confirmed. Only after you have confirmed the task, you can start translating the document. In the detailed view of an entry of the My Tasks module, you can confirm (or reject) a task by clicking Confirm/Reject in the bottom part of the window.

An overview will display all relevant details of the respective task, such as the source and target languages, the task volume, and the due date for task submission. In order to decide whether to confirm or reject a task, you can look at a preview of the source document. Click Confirm to accept the task. Subsequently, you can open and process the task.

If you reject a task assigned to you, you can comment your decision in a dialog window. The responsible project manager will be informed about the rejection of the task and possibly about the reasons.

If you do not want to specify any reason for rejecting the task, simply enter a space in the input field.

Apart from confirming individual tasks, you can also confirm several tasks in one go. To do so, select the respective tasks in the My Tasks module via multiple selection (e.g. by keeping the Ctrl key pressed and successively selecting the tasks) and then click Confirm.

Accepting Crowd Tasks

Crowd tasks are the tasks which are assigned to a user crowd. These are special groups freely composed of desired Across users by a project manager. Both online and offline users can be members of a user crowd. Offline translators, however, can only confirm crowd tasks via crossWeb.

Tasks assigned to a crowd are displayed to all members of the crowd as assigned tasks.

Whoever accepts the task first can edit it. The other members of the crowd are informed that the task has already been accepted by a crowd member.

As soon as a crowd task is confirmed, the task assignment automatically switches from the crowd to the user who confirmed the task.

Thus, the task is transformed from a crowd task to a normal task and can be processed as any other task.

Opening Tasks

A confirmed task can be opened in various ways. For example, you can select the respective task especially in the My Tasks module and subsequently open it in the bottom pane by selecting Open or by double-clicking the task.