Storing Redundant Translations

The multiple storage of translations can result in unwanted redundancies in crossTank, referred to as "duplicates". For example, this may happen when a sentence already translated and stored in crossTank is edited and stored again in crossTank. Under Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Storing Settings, you can prevent the storage of duplicates in crossTank, so that there will only be one translation for every source sentence.

Multiple storage may be desirable, e.g. if there are two different translations for a sentence that are selected depending on the context.

The following figures demonstrate the storage or non-storage of multiple translations:

Multiple translations are not stored:


Multiple translations are stored, several translations are possible:


Multiple translations are stored, but incorrect translations may also be stored as a result:


Please note that if you decide not to store multiple translations, duplicates will also be prevented when importing TMX files or crossWAN and crossGrid packages – even if these files or packages contain multiple translations.

You can activate and deactivate the storage of multiple translations while working in crossDesk. It is possible to generally deactivate the storage of multiple translations and to activate it only temporarily for certain translations.