Permitting Multiple Translations Deliberately

Normally, redundant translations are undesired. In certain cases, however, it may be necessary to deliberately permit multiple translations. Thus, in the toolbar of the fuzzy and concordance searches in the Search Center of crossDesk and in the crossTank Manager, the icn_cDesk_search-center_uebersetzung-zusaetzlich icon can be used to add a translation to an existing crossTank entry. Unlike additions made with the icn_cDesk_search-center_uebersetzung-ersetzen icon, this process does not overwrite the previous translation. If necessary, this enables the deliberate creation of multiple translations for a single source-language segment. This function is only relevant if the option for avoiding multiple translation is active under Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Storing Settings. Otherwise, additions made with the icn_cDesk_search-center_uebersetzung-ersetzen icon will also result in multiple translations.


Take, for example, the following crossTank entry:


A translation is added with the icn_cDesk_search-center_uebersetzung-ersetzen icon. The previous translation is replaced by the new translation:


Now another translation is added with the icn_cDesk_search-center_uebersetzung-zusaetzlich icon. In this case, the new translation does not replace the previous translation, but is stored as an additional translation: