Tagged XML v2

Apart from processing XML files with Visual XML and Tagged XML, XML files can also be processed with Tagged XML v2. The difference between Tagged XML and Tagged XML v2 lies in the processing and display of attributes and attribute values: When using Tagged XML v2, the values of attributes that are set to Translatable or Locked in the attribute settings of the respective elements are displayed in separate paragraphs in crossDesk. Translatable attributes can be translated or edited; in contrast, locked attributes are displayed read-only.

In contrast, the values of attributes set to Hidden and Ignored are not displayed in separate paragraphs for the translator, but are merely components of the tags, as in Tagged XML. If Hidden is selected, the attributes and attribute values will be displayed within the scope of a document preparation task and can be made visible for the translator if necessary. However, if Ignored is selected, the attributes and attribute values will be hidden permanently and will not even be displayed within the scope of a document preparation task.


The following figure shows the attribute value of an attribute. The attribute was set to Translatable in the respective Tagged XML v2 document settings template. The attribute value is thus displayed in a separate paragraph and can be translated or modified like normal text:


The following figure shows the same attribute value when processed with Tagged XML. In this case, too, the attribute value can be translated or modified, but is a component of the associated tag and is not displayed in a separate paragraph:


In crossView, attributes are shown with a icn_cDesk_cView_xml_attribut icon, and elements with a icn_cDesk_cView_xml_element icon. Locked attributes have a gray background in the Source View and are displayed with a icn_cDesk_cView_xml_gesperrt icon in crossView.