Hidden Text (DOCX)

Word files may contain text that is not to be displayed and that is thus hidden.

Click Advanced to determine in the document settings templates of Word 2007-2016 whether hidden text in the respective DOCX documents is to be checked in and thus be made available for translation in crossDesk.


If the option is activated the hidden text will be displayed in crossDesk and can be translated accordingly.

For the source document, the hidden text is displayed in the style field above the source text. In the Target Editor, the hidden text can be inserted in the translation by selecting the respective formatting.


If the option is disabled, paragraphs that have been fully hidden in the respective Word documents will not be displayed in crossDesk.

If only part of a paragraph has been hidden, crossDesk will display this passage as a placeable, i.e. as a gray field that cannot be translated but that merely needs to be adopted in the translation.


You can find the option for translating hidden text under Tools > System Settings > Document Settings > Word 2007-2016 > Advanced.