Change tracking (DOCX)

In some application scenarios, however, it may make sense to keep the tracked changes in the document, e.g. in the case of cross-country or cross-language revision processes. Moreover, the tracked changes may contain useful additional information for correctors, editors, or translators to process their tasks. In other cases, the it may be especially important to know what happened to the tracked changes in the document, e.g. in audit trails for which the document evolution process needs to be tracked.

Across supports the change tracking function in Word documents in DOCX format. Tracked changes in DOCX documents can be imported and displayed in crossDesk. The change tracking can also be used in the translation in order to reflect tracked changes in the translation as well.

In the Advanced Settings of the document settings templates of Word 2007-2016, two options can be used to control the change tracking behavior of Across:


Firstly, you can determine whether tracked changes are to be retained during check-in. If the option is activated, the tracked changes will be displayed in crossDesk. If the option is deactivated, all tracked changes will be accepted and thus will not be displayed in crossDesk. However, comments will be extracted and displayed in crossDesk even if the option is deactivated. They can be translated and will thus also be contained in the checked-out files.

Secondly, you can determine whether the change tracking is to be used in the Target Editor in order to be able to reflect tracked changes in the translation as well.


This option can only be used if the option for splitting sentences is deactivated in the splitting settings. Moreover, when using this option, paragraphs cannot be joined in crossDesk. Furthermore, the function is only supported in crossDesk, not in crossDesk Web.

During the check-in of Word documents in DOC format, all tracked changes that are contained in the documents are accepted. However, comments are extracted and displayed in crossDesk. They can be translated and are also contained in the checked-out files.

Display of tracked changes

The display of tracked changes in crossDesk corresponds to the accustomed display in Word: Added text is marked with an underline, and deleted text with a strikethrough:


The information about the author of the changes and about the editing time is also retained and can be displayed via tooltips.