Localizing String Tables

String tables include all texts that are not contained in dialog boxes and commands, such as error messages.

In addition to normal text, string tables can also contain control characters that need to be retained in the translation in order to guarantee that the localized application or file operates and is displayed correctly.

In addition to hotkeys, they may include control characters such as \n that also need to be used in the translation (for example, "Save\nSave as").

String tables may also contain so-called format specifiers such as %s and %d.


For further information on format specifiers, please consult the respective documentation on the C programming language.

Special format specifiers such as %1 and %2 may also occur.


For further information on these special format specifiers, please see the Microsoft API documentation (see the function "FormatMessage()").

When localizing software with Across, it is generally not possible to generate a WYSIWYG preview. However, in the case of simple applications a WYSIWYG preview can be created. To do this, select Executable file in the list of document templates under Tools > User settings > General > Preview and click Edit. Then select Executable file and enter %s. Now you can generate the desired preview by clicking the corresponding icon in the crossDesk toolbar.