Customizing Shortcut Keys

For a number of reasons it may be necessary to customize shortcut keys (for example, due to different linguistic or culture-specific conventions).


You can modify shortcut keys by changing the assigned letters and/or keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift).

  1. Follow the instructions below to modify a shortcut key:
  2. Click the letter that has been assigned to the shortcut key.
  3. Use the drop-down list to assign a new letter or
  4. Enable or disable the checkbox(es) of the assigned key(s) (Ctrl, Alt, Shift).
  5. When you modify the shortcut keys, Across automatically compares the changes to the key combinations that have been previously set. If you select a key combination that has already been assigned, this will be indicated by a corresponding error message.

When you localize shortcut keys, it is often the case that no modifications to the target file are needed. You can therefore easily change the state of all shortcut keys by going to the tree view in crossView and selecting the Shortcut keys node and then, in the shortcut menu, selecting the command Translated > This Node with all Sub-nodes.

Via Advanced button in the document settings templates of the Windows resources, you can specify how the key combinations will be displayed in crossDesk. If you select Hidden, they will not be displayed in crossDesk and thus do not need to or cannot be translated or modified.