Translating QuickSilver Documents

You can translate QuickSilver documents more or less the same way you translate other documents: The source document is displayed in the Source View and you do the translation in the Target Editor.

Apart from normal text, QuickSilver documents also contain special components such as prefix components, index entries, etc. In Across, these components are displayed in the form of gray fields – called placeables – e.g. icn_cDesk_context-view_quicksilver_praefixkomponente for a prefix component.

These fields can be inserted in the Target Editor with a double-click.

If certain components of QuickSilver documents are to be invisible to the translator or displayed as blocked in crossDesk, you can create templates for defining the display in crossDesk. You can create QuickSilver document templates under Tools > System Settings > Document Settings > QuickSilver.