QuickSilver documents

BroadVision QuickSilver (formerly Interleaf) is a desktop publishing software for composing complex documents.


Across supports QuickSilver files in the ASCII text format ILDOC created with QuickSilver version 3.0. The files must be in an ASCII format from version 8.6, as the files are saved on the basis of Unicode from this version on. For Unicode support, the free patch AA and the free hot patch #4 must be installed.

Converting Binary QuickSilver Documents

To be processed in Across, QuickSilver documents must be available in the ASCII text format.

If your QuickSilver documents are in the BroadVision-specific binary file format, you can convert them to ASCII documents. In QuickSilver, simply save the binary documents in the ASCII format. To do this, open the QuickSilver document in QuickSilver, click File > Save as, and select the ASCII format as file type. Then click Save. You now have an ASCII file that you can check into Across and process in the usual manner.

Please note that information may be lost when converting binary QuickSilver files to ASCII files. For details, please refer to the information on the ASCII file format in the QuickSilver documentation.