PowerPoint documents

Microsoft PowerPoint is by far the world's most widely used application for creating presentations. Actually, there are only a few PowerPoint-specific issues that must be taken into consideration when translating PowerPoint documents with Across.

To make sure that translated PowerPoint documents are checked out correctly, always check PowerPoint documents in and out with the same PowerPoint version. If you checked in a PowerPoint document with PowerPoint 2003, you should also check out the document with PowerPoint 2003, not with PowerPoint 2010. If you want to check out the document with a different PowerPoint version (in this case, PowerPoint 2003), you should first update the document with the respective PowerPoint version in Across.

An option in the document settings templates of PowerPoint (disabled by default) enables you to determine that the content of text fields and of table cells is always checked in as one paragraph.


This option exists in the document settings templates of the PowerPoint formats PPT and PPS.

If the text fields and table cells of the source document contain hard line breaks, these will be converted to soft line breaks during check-in. After checking out, this conversion is reversed again. If the option is not activated, paragraphs separated by hard line breaks will always be checked in as separate paragraphs.

You can enable the option under Tools > System Settings > Document Settings > PowerPoint 2000-2003:



The following example shows the content of a text field of a PowerPoint presentation. A hard line break separates "Last update" from the remaining text.


When using the option, the content of the text field is displayed as one paragraph in crossDesk. The hard line break has been replaced by a soft line break:


To ensure that the translation contains the information on hard and soft line breaks, the contents including the line breaks must be copied from the source paragraph to the target text.

Images, objects and notes

Images, notes and SmartArts are supported in Across as follows:

Support in Across
SmartArt image
The text contents of the SmartArt images are extracted during check-in and can subsequently be translated in crossDesk.
Images & Objects
In the document settings template of PowerPoint 2007-2016, you can determine how images and objects are to be processed.
Slide notes
If slide notes are not to be translated, you can determine in the Across document settings that slide notes are to be ignored, locked, or hidden.
Links are not supported and therefore, they are list when checking out the documents.

PowerPoint templates

In addition to the function described, you can also define settings for splitting PowerPoint documents in the PowerPoint templates.

After the check-out

After checking out a translated PowerPoint document, you should check the result in PowerPoint for any required layout adjustments. Due to the large font sizes that are often used and the varying text lengths of the different languages, you may need to adjust the size of text fields.