Processing PO Files in Across

In Across, files in the PO format are supported with the help of crossTransform. This means that such files are converted to XML in the background when they are checked in to Across. Subsequently, the processing of the files in Across takes place via Tagged XML v2. During check-out from Across, the files are automatically converted back to the PO format.


Please note that after the PO files are checked out from Across, it may be necessary to edit them.

  • Please also note that the translation of the elements such as the following, which may be contained in PO files, is currently not supported:
  • fuzzy: Indicates that a translation may need to be revised
  • c-format, php-format etc.: Specifies the format of a string

Usually, PO files do not contain the elements listed above. Should the PO files to be translated still contain these or other elements, please contact our support team in order to have a possible implementation checked by our developers.