The Across-Specific DTXML Format

The display texts to be localized must be available in the Across-specific XML-based DTXML (DisplayText XML) format. The DTXML files contain both the display texts to be localized and meta-information on the prescribed size of the display text elements.

Before checking in the files with the display texts to be localized, the files must first be transformed to the DTXML format. Following the translation in Across and the subsequent check-out, the localized files must be transformed back to the original format.

The DTXML format is specified by a separate XML schema (XSD). Upon check-in, Across automatically validates the DTXML file against the XML schema. If the validation fails, i.e. if the DTXML file does not comply with the XML schema, the file cannot be checked in.

In Across, the DTXML format is defined as a separate format. Therefore, display text documents are automatically detected when the project is set up.

The source language of the display text document is stored as a parameter in the DTXML file. Thus, the source language of the DTXML file is auto-detected when the project is set up in Across. In turn, the target language is stored in the DTXML file during check-out.


We will provide you the documentation of the XML schema that forms the basis of the DTXML format.

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