Creating Previews with InDesign

Creating Previews of IDML Files

To use InDesign for previews of IDML files, InDesign (version CS4 or higher) must be installed on your local computer.

In order to create a preview, you can use the respective icons (icn_cDesk_vorschau_quelltext or icn_cDesk_vorschau_zieltext) in crossDesk.

Creating Previews of INX Files

In Across, InDesign documents are processed as XML files with the help of crossTransform. Therefore, previews are generated with the application selected in your operating system for the display of XML files.


The preview for documents requires you to have the appropriate program installed on your computer.


Please note that the adjustment of the preview settings affects all formats processed with Tagged XML and Visual XML. Thus, InDesign will also be opened for other formats, e.g. when generating a preview from crossDesk.

To configure the preview settings in the corresponding section of the user settings, go to Tools > User Settings > General > Preview and select Tagged XML or Visual XML as file format. Then click Edit.


Activate Executable and click Browse to select the batch file inxPreview.bat, which is located in the subfolder crossTransform/inx2xml in the Across installation directory. In this way, the .bat file is accessed in the background for generating previews and submits the opened file to InDesign. The parameter %s is inserted automatically and stands for the name of the file for which the preview is generated.


Finally, click OK and Close to apply the changes. Henceforth, previews of InDesign documents will be generated and displayed with InDesign. In order to create a preview, you simply use the respective icons (icn_cDesk_vorschau_quelltext or icn_cDesk_vorschau_zieltext) in crossDesk.

The batch file inxPreview.bat for the generation of INX file previews was designed for InDesign CS2. If you have InDesign CS3 or if InDesign is not installed in the default installation directory on your computer, you must first customize the batch file. To do this, open it in an editor (e.g. Notepad) and modify the InDesign installation path.