FrameMaker Documents

Adobe FrameMaker is a professional authoring system designed for creating technical documents.

Unstructured FrameMaker documents

Unstructured FrameMaker documents in their own FrameMaker FM format first need to be converted into MIF documents before they can be processed in Across. Subsequently, the MIF documents can be checked in to Across and translated. When checking in MIF documents, the project manager can make use of templates that control how the MIF documents are going to be displayed in crossDesk. These templates can be created via Tools > System Settings > Document Settings > MIF 7 and MIF 8-2019.

Structured FrameMaker documents

Apart from unstructured FrameMaker documents, there are also structured FrameMaker documents. These are created and stored in XML or SGML format. In Across, these structured document formats are checked in and processed as XML or SGML documents.