Processing Excel Documents

Determining Processing Direction

Using an option in the Excel project settings templates section, you can determine whether the files are to be processed by columns or by rows. While processing by columns, first column A with row 1 to n is processed, then column B with rows 1 to n and so on. If the text flow follows the rows, the files can also be processes by rows. Accordingly, first row 1 with columns A to n is processed, then row 2 with columns A to n and so on. This option is available for Excel 2000-2003.

You choose the processing type using a corresponding option under Tools > System Settings > Document Settings > Excel 2000-2003.



The following Excel file is processed differently:


Depending on the processing method, the file is checked in differently and displayed accordingly in crossDesk:

Processing by columns:
Processing by rows:
Presentation in crossDesk: