Interaction of crossWeb and Terminology

The terms displayed in the crossTerm area of crossWeb can be viewed and edited directly in crossTerm Web or crossTerm Now. The server license and the configuration by the server administrator determines which of the two browser-based terminology systems will be opened.

Click the term you want to view or edit. crossTerm Web or crossTerm Now will open up in a separate browser tab. Depending on the configuration, you may need to log in in order to benefit from the crossTerm rights that have been granted to your user (e.g. to be able to create entries and terms).


For users who are logged in, the rights for working with crossTerm Web or crossTerm Now depend on the rights that the respective user has for working in Across or crossTerm.

For example, a user who has the right to delete terms in crossTerm can also delete terms in crossTerm Web or in crossTerm Now.