crossWeb and Browser settings

Browser add-ons

Browser add-ons for enhanced Internet security (anti-malware, anti-virus, JavaScript scanners, etc.) can affect the display in crossWeb. Moreover, they can impair the performance of crossWeb. Therefore, these add-ons should be deactivated while working with crossWeb (via Tools > (Manage) Add-Ons). JavaScript blocking add-ons in Firefox can also greatly impair the performance of crossWeb and therefore it is recommended to deactivate them.

Many add-ons have white lists in which exceptions for secure pages can be defined. In this case, the Internet address of crossWeb should be added as white list entry.

Activating Browser Clipboard

Depending on the browser used, the following may happen when trying to insert contents such as texts to the Target Editor of the crossDesk Web: In Internet explorer, nothing is inserted in the Target Editor, or "Undefined" is inserted instead of the clipboard content. In Firefox, a message may indicate that the clipboard is disabled.

This behavior occurs when the use of clipboard in respective browser is deactivated. Therefore, it is not possible to use copy & paste to insert contents from other browser tabs or from other applications to the Target Editor of crossWeb.

To use the clipboard, you need to adjust the respective browser setting.

No special steps need to be taken for Google Chrome and Apple Safari, as the use of the clipboard is activated by default in both browsers.