Using Additional Source Languages as Reference


Please note that this function is only available in translation and correction tasks.

In crossDesk Web, you can have the source text displayed in an additional alternative language. For this, crossTank must contain 100% matches for the language pair "original source language - requested alternative source language". You can select the additional source language to be displayed by means of a dialog that you can open via the icn_cWeb_cDesk_context-view_alt-source-lang icon in the toolbar of the Context View.


Subsequently, the alternative source language will be displayed as grayed out below the original source language.


Instead of a certain sublanguage, you can also select the entry <All countries>. In this way, you can have source-text alternatives displayed in several sublanguages at the same time. In the Context View, the alternative texts are marked with the respective country flag.



Please note that if there are several 100% matches, only the most recent match will be displayed. Moreover, the alternative source texts are not automatically refreshed. This means that any new 100% matches will be displayed only after you reset the display, confirm the reset, and again select a language for alternative source-text display.