Rich Translation Memory

crossTank can be operated in the form of a Rich Translation Memory (Rich TM), i.e. styles, inline objects, and special characters are stored in crossTank. This mode is activated by default.

If you do not want to use Rich TM, disable the option Use Rich Translation Memory in the system settings under Tools > System Settings > General > crossTank.

You can re-enable this option at any time. However, we recommend not to change the setting too often in order to ensure consistent performance.


  • The following Rich TM configuration options are available:
  • Under Tools > System Settings > Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Storing Settings, you can use the options Store format ranges, Store inline objects, and Store special characters to determine the information to be saved.
  • Under Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Penalty Settings, you can determine the penalties for different formatting, inline objects, and special characters.

Normally, you do not need to adjust these settings. You should only change them if you are aware of the effects of these changes.