Auto-Changes and Auto-Adjustments


During pre-translation or when identifying and inserting crossTank entries in crossDesk, Across tries to adjust the crossTank entries with respect to placeables, formatting, and tags.

If the only difference between a segment to be translated and a crossTank entry is a different placeable, the auto-adjustment function enables Across to identify the crossTank entry as a 100% match. Without the auto-adjustment, the crossTank entry would merely be a fuzzy match.

Across can also make auto-adjustments when importing translation memories, e.g. to minimize the number of crossTank entries.

In the crossTank Import Wizard, there is an option for activating auto-adjustments during the import. (Please note that this will slow down the import, as Across must first compare the previous crossTank entries with the new crossTank entries and subsequently make the adjustments.)

Moreover, Across also tries to auto-adapt date, time, and number formats to the respective default formats in the target language.

You can activate auto-adjustments and auto-changes by means of the corresponding options in the crossTank section of the system settings under Tools > System Settings > General > crossTank. To activate auto-adjustments, the Rich Translation Memory option must also be activated in the same section of the system settings.

Displaying Auto-adjustments and Auto-changes

In addition, you can determine under Tools > User Settings > crossDesk > crossTank whether crossTank hits in crossDesk are to be displayed with or without auto-adjustments and auto-changes.

The following example of a number auto-change shows how it works.

A segment to be translated reads "47 Minutes" and crossTank already contains the entry "37 Minutes".

Do not display auto-changes
Display auto-changes
If the auto-changes are not displayed, the crossTank hit will be displayed as "37 Minutes" without any changes. The crossTank penalty for different numbers is 1%, resulting in a fuzzy match rate of 99%.
If the auto-changes are displayed, the crossTank hit will be adjusted by Across and accordingly be displayed as "47 Minutes". Therefore, the segment is treated as a 100% hit, as the different number has been adjusted by Across.