The crossTank Manager

The crossTank Manager serves the management and maintenance of crossTank entries, i.e. of translation units in the crossTank translation memory.

  • The interface of the crossTank Manager consists of three sections:
  • The search bar on the left-hand side can be used to search crossTank.
  • The crossTank entries that are found are displayed in the top right pane,
  • and the translations that exist for the selected crossTank entry are displayed on the bottom right pane.

You can open the crossTank Manager e.g. via the icn_cTank-manager icon in the Across toolbar, or via the keyboard shortcut Alt+2.

You can also supplement the Dashboard with a dashlet for opening the crossTank Manager.

Displaying the entry history

Move the mouse pointer over the icn_cTaM_info icon in the Information column on the far right to display the history of every crossTank entry.

Displaying All crossTank Entries

To display all crossTank entries of a language pair, simply select the source and target languages, click the icn_filtereinstellungen icon to show the search filters, and start the search. All crossTank entries for the requested language pair will be listed.

crossTank Manager Start Page

In a transparent manner, the crossTank Manager start page displays and provides access to basic and frequently used crossTank functions and workflows. No matter whether you want to create a new translation unit or import or export translations – one click is all that you need to go to the respective position in crossTank.

At any time during your work in the crossTank Manager you can click View > Go to > Start Page to return to the start page.