Changing Attributes

Using the action Change attributes, you can modify the attributes/attribute values of crossTank entries (e.g. relations, subjects or projects).

  • The following changes are possible:
  • Adding attributes: Select the action Add (icn_cTaM_attribut-hinzufuegen) and determine the attribute and the attribute value you want to add to the crossTank entries.
  • Deleting attributes: Select the action Remove (icn_cTaM_attribut-loeschen) and determine the attribute and the attribute value you want to delete from the crossTank entries.
  • Changing attributes: You can change existing attributes/attribute values by combining the Add and Remove actions. Determine the attribute value you want to remove and then the attribute value you want to add to the crossTank entries.
  • Modifying the status of crossTank entries: Activate the option Set new status value and select a status from the drop-down list.
  • Resetting the usage count of crossTank entries to zero: Activate the corresponding option at the lower edge of the wizard window.

Apart from individual changes, you can also perform several changes simultaneously by adding several attribute values or by combining the various actions with each other.

Splitting Multiple-Value Attributes in crossTank Entries

The action Split multi-value attributes in crossTank entries splits a crossTank entry that contains multiple attribute values of a particular attributes into several crossTank entries with one attribute value of the attribute each.

A typical application scenario for this action is the transformation of a multi-value attribute to a single-value attribute in the system settings. Following the change, only one attribute value can be selected for a particular attribute for crossTank entries. However, existing crossTank entries may still contain several attribute values. To adapt these existing crossTank entries to the new setting, the action Split multi-value attributes in crossTank entries should be applied.

The action is only executed for one attribute at a time. Other attributes or attribute values remain unaffected. For example, if two attributes have been changed from multi-value to single-value attributes, the action needs to be run twice.

The action is always performed for all entries in crossTank. Only the crossTank entries of the local server context are take into consideration. When using crossGrid, the action must therefore be performed on the Master Server side and cannot be performed on a Trusted Server (for the crossTank data of the Master Server).

The usage history of the split crossTank entries is reset within the scope of the performance of the action. Thus, the split crossTank entries do not contain any information on the usage count, the last user, and the time of last use.