Mapping Import Data

When importing TM data to crossTank, the file to be imported usually contains information belonging to different data categories. Apart from the actual translation units, the import file usually also contains additional information such as information on the subject or creation date. For Across to know how to import this information to crossTank, the data categories and values contained in the import file must be mapped to the corresponding data categories and values in Across.

Mapping is a process of allocating data categories and values in Across. The mapping ensures the correct import of the data from the import file to crossTank.


Across tries to perform the mapping automatically as far as possible. For example, if subjects have the same name (e.g. "Information Technology" both in the import file and in Across"), Across will identify them as identical values.

Data categories or values that are not mapped to any Across data category or value will not be imported.