crossTank Export

The export of TM data from Across may be necessary for various reasons, e.g. to exchange the translation units with another Across installation or another TM system or to manually back up the crossTank stock.

The crossTank Export Wizard can be used to export TM data. You can start the wizard via the corresponding section on the crossTank Manager start page, via the icn_wiz_cTank-export-wizard icon in the toolbar, or via Tools > Export in the menu bar.

With the help of the wizard, you can export your translation memory or parts of it in the Translation Memory eXchange (TMX) format. Optionally, you can define filter criteria and/or language pairs in order to restrict the export to the relevant crossTank entries. By means of different export functions, you can also determine what information (e.g. context information) should be exported together with the crossTank entries.

You can also determine the type and purpose of the TMX export: Thus, you can decide whether you want to use the crossTank entries to be exported as backup or for exchange with other CAT tools.

TMX Version

The TMX export for the exchange with other CAT tools corresponds to TMX version 1.4. If context information was exported as well, the exported TMX file is compatible with TMX version 1.4b. The TMX backup, however, corresponds to TMX version 1.3 and contains further information and attributes pertaining to the stored database entries of your Across installation, which are needed for the correct mapping when re-importing the data. Therefore, the TMX backup file can often be considerably larger than the TMX files exported for exchange with other CAT tools.