Adding Translations

  1. Proceed as follows to add a new crossTank entry:
  2. Open the crossTank Manager.

    If you open the crossTank Manager from within crossDesk, the settings of the project that the task belongs to will be used.

    If you open the crossTank Manager outside crossDesk, the settings of the default project settings template will be used.

  3. Click the icn_cTaM_uebersetzung-hinzufuegen icon in the toolbar.
  4. Enter the translation and - if needed - a comment in the dialog box.
  5. By means of the corresponding option, you can determine that no auto-changes of date, time, and number formats are to be performed.
  6. Finally, set the values for the system attributes such as Subject or Relation.
  7. Click Add to add further system attributes.

    The option Enable automatic keyboard layout switching automatically adapts the keyboard layout to the respective input language.

    If the option is deactivated, the keyboard layout selected in Windows will remain enabled, regardless of the selected input language.

  8. Confirm your input with OK to add the translation to crossTank.

The multiple storage of translations, e.g. through successive translation and correction of a text, can lead to unwanted redundancies in crossTank.