Keyword search in definitions

The keyword search in definitions enables the search for one or several words within definitions.

The search will be conducted in the definitions in the language defined as source language in the language selection of the crossTerm Manager. For example, if English is selected as source language, all definitions that exist in German will be searched for, regardless of whether source or target-language terms exist in German. The selected target language will not be taken into consideration in the keyword search in the definitions.

The search does not look for entire words, but for word components. The search for "ion" will find definitions that contain "ionization", "translation", or "versioning" as search hits.

When looking for multiple words, the order of the entered keywords does not matter. Moreover, only definitions that contain all keywords will be found as definitions as displayed as hits.


The search will be conducted exclusively in the definitions added in the designated standard text field for definitions at entry level. Other text fields used for entering definitions will not be taken into consideration in the search.