Concordance search

The concordance search allows you to directly look for one or several words in crossTank. Thus, the terminologist can easily see in which context and translation the corresponding word has been used before in crossTank entries.

To perform a concordance search, select a corresponding item from the drop-down list under the input field of the crossTerm search and enter one or several words in the search field.

To start a concordance search, click the icn_cTeM_suche icon or press Enter. The hits will be displayed with search words highlighted in color in the source sentences.


In the case of multi-word searches, only crossTank entries containing all search words are displayed as hits. crossTank entries that, for example, contain only two of three search words are not displayed.

Apart from this form of concordance search, in which you search for freely definable words in crossTank, you can also perform a concordance search for the term displayed in the term view. To do this, simply click the Concordance search tab in the lower area of the term view. A concordance search will automatically be performed for the displayed term.


Sorting the Concordance Search Hits

The hits found by concordance searches are sorted as follows:

Concordance search by one word

The search hits are sorted by their modification date in descending order. The search hit that was last modified is displayed first.

Concordance search by several words

The search hits are sorted in descending order according to their relevance. The search hit with the highest relevance is displayed first. The relevance is based on the distance of the search hits: the closer the words are to each other, the higher the relevance will be.

Search hits in which the search words occur in an order that is different from that searched for have a lower relevance than search hits in which the search hits occur in the correct order.

Search hits with the same relevance are grouped. Within the groups, the sorting takes place in descending order by the date they were last modified.

In the case of crossTank entries with several translations in a target language, the target-language segment with the last modified date is used for the sorting.

Defining Number of Hits

Via Tools > Concordance Search Results Retrieved, you can define the maximal number of the hits to be displayed. In addition, a menu item Tools > Concordance Search Results per Page can be used to determine the number of concordance search results to be displayed per page.


Displaying attributes

Attributes are displayed in addition to the crossTank entries found by the concordance search.


These attributes are system attributes and crossTank attributes. The attributes to be displayed for the concordance search can be selected in the Concordance search section of the system settings:


In addition, a respective checkbox in the Show in tooltip column can be used to determine that those attributes that are not displayed together with the concordance search hits are to be displayed in the tooltip of the respective hits.

The tooltip that is displayed when you move the cursor over the translation of the respective concordance search hit displays the desired attributes:


The section is available under Tools > System Settings > Terminology > Concordance Search.


Please note that you need to have the appropriate rights.

By default, the supervisor is responsible for this task.