Saving User Settings

You can save the settings you make in crossTerm Manager (e.g. the selection of source and target languages, the search mode or the filters set) in order to avoid having to make the settings anew when you open crossTerm Manager again.

When closing the crossTerm Manager, a message concerning the saving of the user settings is displayed: Click Yes to save the settings and No to cancel them. If you click Cancel, the message dialog will be closed and the crossTerm Manager will remain open.

By activating the checkbox, the selected option will be saved so that the dialog will not be displayed in the future. If you would like to changed the saved setting, you can display the dialog again by deactivating the checkbox for the dialog Storing confirmation for crossTerm user settings under Tools > User Settings > General > Dialog Settings. The dialog will be displayed again when closing the crossTerm Manager where you will be able to re-select the desired option.