Standalone Entries

Standalone entries are a specific form of terminological entries. They contain no terms but only index information and, if applicable, other information at entry level. Standalone entries can be used, for example, to store information on bibliographical sources.

Normally, it is not possible to create an entry without terms. Therefore, for creating standalone entries, you must specify in the settings of the corresponding index that entries containing this index or corresponding index values may be created as standalone entries.


To create a standalone entry, click Save standalone entry when specifying information at entry level.

crossTerm Export of Standalone Entries

In the crossTerm Export Wizard, you can use a corresponding option to determine that standalone entries are to be exported along with normal entries (i.e. entries containing terms).

If you only want to export standalone entries, it is sufficient not to select any language in the selection of the languages to be exported.

You can set filters to export particular standalone entries.

Standalone entries display control

A right in the crossTerm section of the user group rights can be used to determine whether standalone crossTerm entries are to be displayed to the members of the respective user groups.


By default, the right is activated for all default user groups; thus, standalone entries are displayed to all users.

With the right, it is possible to hide the contents of a crossTerm instance entirely for the members of a user group. For this, the right See standalone entries as well as the two rights See released terms and See unreleased terms must be deactivated.

If a user has the right See standalone entries only, only standalone entries will be displayed to this user during search queries. Correspondingly, term will not be displayed.