Index set up

This instruction explains the use of indexes, using the management of bibliographic sources as an example. For this purpose, special bibliographic entries are created. Unlike terminology entries, these entries do not contain any terms, but only bibliographic information. A separate bibliographic entry is created for each bibliographic source. First, create a new index. This is to be used for entering the bibliographic sources.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. In the crossTerm Manager, go to the Indexes section of the crossTerm settings and click Add.
  3. Subsequently, enter a name for the new index (here "Bibliography") and activate the option Allow standalone entry.

    If this option is activated, entries containing the index can be created even if no terms are stored – which is normally the case with bibliographic entries.

  4. At the entry level, create the data categories that you need for entering the bibliographic sources like text fields for bibliographic details such as the author, title, year and city of publication, publisher, etc.

    The next step is the creation of a new entry template as the basis for the creation of the bibliographic entries.

  5. To do this, go to the Entry template section of the crossTerm settings and click New.
  6. Enter a name for the new template and confirm with OK.
  7. Add the data categories to be used for entering the bibliographic sources to this template:
    • Make sure than the newly created template is selected.
    • Select a first data category from the drop-down list Available data categories and add it to the template by clicking Add Data Category.
    • In particular, add the newly created index (e.g. "Bibliography") and the data categories for entering the bibliographic sources (Author, Title, etc.).
    • Proceed in this way until the template contains all needed data categories.
    • Remove the default data category Definition from the template, as it is usually not needed for bibliographic sources.
  8. Use the Mandatory field checkboxes to define whether values must be stored for certain data categories when a bibliographic entry is created.

    When creating an entry, a value must be entered for each mandatory field before it can be saved. Therefore, fill in mandatory fields wisely.

  9. The basic structure for entering bibliographic sources is now ready.

icn_verweis Continue with the next section, which describes the creation of a first bibliographic entry.